Forensic and Investigation

Giving the support you need

Litigation is not to be taken lightly. Unless you’ve got the best people in your corner, things can spin out of your control, even if you’ve behaved impeccably. Xeinadin’s forensic and investigations team have guided clients to success in some of the most complex and unpredictable situations.

Our specialised expertise and experience can tilt the field in your favour, whether you turn to us for expert-witness services, investigative accounting, arbitration or – where you’ve suffered loss – comprehensive recovery (both financially and operationally) so that you can give sound and satisfactory assurance to regulators, shareholders, executives and staff.

Forensic and Investigation

3 reasons to choose us as your partner for forensic and investigatory services


Dedication to details

With a focus on specifics and multi-level analysis, we work hard to analyse every aspect of your business so that no mistake or suspicion goes unnoticed.


More than just forensics

Because of our extensive network of professionals in a wide variety of fields, we can advise on almost any situation uncovered by a forensic investigation.


Diverse collection of experience

From marriage disputes to criminal defence cases, our experts have dealt with nearly any situation you can throw at them.


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