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Xeinadin can help you build a better future for your company

It’s putting it mildly to say these are uncertain times for the construction industry. Labour shortages, supply holdups, rocketing costs and random delays. But as people revise what they want from offices and homes, and new architectural designs become smarter and more innovative, opportunities are expanding, too.

So, it’s as good a time as any to talk to Xeinadin. Our specialists have worked in your sector for decades, and through even scarier economic cycles than this. This means, that whether you’re an agent, developer, investor or adviser, we can help guide you through the challenges so you can capitalise on the opportunities.

Working with your local Xeinadin team allows you to tap into our international forum of business experts spanning a wide variety of fields – like acquisition and disposal, tax planning and cash management.

You can build a great future in this changing world, and Xeinadin will be the mortar.


How we help construction and property businesses

Business Growth

Business Growth

Placing a huge variety of up-to-date tools, knowledge, and skills at your disposal, Xeinadin will help you drive your business towards a successful and sustainable future. Our national network of experts and partners will give you sensitive and flexible support for your ideas to help you reach your goals faster than you ever imagined.

Corporate Finance

Our corporate finance experts are good people to have in your corner for any business acquisition, funding requirement, or management buyout. Our hugely experienced heavy hitters will support you every step of the journey, and keep you one step ahead of the competition, so you can embark on suitable deals with confidence.
Corporate Finance

Tax Planning

Xeinadin’s tax experts will optimise your tax responsibility and planning, maximise returns, minimise risks and help you drive your business towards its best possible future.

Cloud Accounting

With Cloud Accounting, your systems are accessible from anywhere, always compliant, and more secure than they’ve ever been – so it’s no wonder more and more businesses are switching. Let Xeinadin help your business connect to the future of accounting – we’ll select the most suitable, up-to-date, and innovative software, help you install and manage it, and give you the ongoing support of our expert accounting staff.
Cloud Accounting
Audit and Assurance


Your local Xeinadin audit team works with you to build an audit service that works for your business and the real-world challenges it faces. Using meticulous analysis and reporting systems, they’ll dig deep into your business systems, reports, personnel, and practices, systematically searching out errors, weaknesses, or fraudulent behaviours. And they’ll give you real-world options on how to address them.


In this day and age, an internal payroll is just an unnecessary hassle. Investing in costly payroll systems, risking inefficiencies and errors – you really have got better things to do with your time and resources. No wonder more and more companies like yours are outsourcing payroll to specialist facilities like Xeinadin – a fully comprehensive off-site payroll service that’s swift, efficient and goes like clockwork – regardless of the number of employees – leaving you concentrate on the parts of your business where you can really make a difference.

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Audit & Assurance



Construction sector report

In this easy to read sector report for the construction sector, you will find an analysis of the sector and what that means for you. Practical tips to let the administrative side of the business run more smoothly—smart advice for you and your clients to maximise the opportunities in VAT, TAX, and other legislation.