Probate Services

We are able to provide full support throughout the probate process from the application for grant of probate and calculation of the inheritance tax liability, to the distribution of the estate assets and production of estate accounts.

We can act as executors of an estate or, if preferred, we can provide support for the executor(s) named in the Will.

It is increasingly common for clients to seek support from their tax adviser not only to complete the accounts and tax calculations of the deceased but to administer the estate and obtain grant of probate as well. The entire process is then dealt with by one professional rather than being transferred from an accountant to a solicitor half-way through. This saves time and costs in a process that can be notoriously long winded and expensive.

There are times when input from a solicitor will be required. When this is the case we can either liaise with your solicitor or help you source the advice required from one of our own legal firm contacts.

Inheritance Tax Planning

We are able to review the inheritance tax position of the estate and if we can identify a method of reducing the inheritance tax due we will discuss tax planning possibilities with you.

Our tax and probate experts are supportive and considerate. They will ensure that you are helped through this difficult time by taking as much responsibility as possible for estate affairs whilst regularly contacting you to report progress made.

They undertake the following duties:

  • Assisting you with your application for grant of probate.
  • Obtaining the information required to value the estate for probate and inheritance tax purposes.
  • Completing all relevant inheritance tax forms, calculating the inheritance tax liability and, if requested, reviewing any potential savings that can be made.
  • Agreeing the inheritance tax liability with the Revenue.
  • Calculating the value of the distributable estate.
  • Collecting and distributing specific bequests and the residuary assets in accordance with the terms of the will.

If you would like any further information regarding these services, please do not hesitate to e-mail or or call 01372 742323. We provide a free initial consultation on a no obligation basis.

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